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Написание функции command-ended - часть 3

;; the data structure with the correct tileList value and

;; reset the data property in the reactor.

;; Update the tiles associated with the polyline border.

(setq NewReactorData

(subst (cons 100 tileList)

(assoc 100 NewReactorData)




;; By now you have the new data associated with the polyline.

;; All there is left to do is associate it with the reactor

;; using vlr-data-set.

(vlr-data-set (car *reactorsToChange*) NewReactorData)

;; Remove all references to the temporary

;; variables *polytochange* and *reactorsToChange*.

(setq *polytochange* nil

*reactorsToChange* nil




;; Delete any items in the *Safe-to-Delete* global if you can!!!

(Gp:Safe-Delete (car command-list))




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